Have you listened to James McQueen – Midnight Mona yet?!

Well now is your chance because this track and I can’t emphasise this enough is incredible!!

Not sure if it’s the funky bassline, the bluesy vocals or the sweet range of guitar riffs that gripped me first but this addictive track belongs on all your playlists! It could be said that Midnight Mona is highly influenced by the 70s with James McQueen’s own vocals sounding similar to the great Yusuf (Cat Stevens) which is certainly a style you don’t hear much nowadays making Midnight Mona a track that certainly stands out from the crowd. Quirky, rhythmic and colourful, McQueen’s latest release will have you hooked!

This is actually my first time listening to Edinburgh singer songwriter, James McQueen but after discovering this gem, it definitely won’t be my last!

Check out the Midnight Mona below now:

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