The Mono LPs: Hell, Save My Soul – Single Review

Huge Single Paves The Way For an Anticipated Album.

Hell, Save My Soul is a welcome blast of Blues-driven rock. It’s built into a delta-blues inspired structure, it sounds like a 70s ‘Zeppelin’ record, and the overall result is a well crafted single. Recently signed to Fretsore Records, we’re excited to see ‘The Mono LPs’ drop a big rock single, ahead of a promising full album.

So where are these ideas coming from? The guys themselves put it down to more classic influences: 

We wanted to tap into those huge bands from the 70s like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple etc. Those with massive riffs you know instantly and sing along to. We wanted to see if we could blend the guitar and cello playing the same riff to make it as big as possible. The song is a bit of a love note to that rock era.

The cello is an obvious talking point, but what some listeners might not pick up on is how the stringed instrument, played expertly by Vicky Mutch, performs many roles throughout the track. For example, she builds on the main riff, adding in another layer that perks up the ears and gives more weight to the beefy guitar and bass riff. Secondly, by filling in with her own melody lines and transitions, the song has more to offer than a straight up guitar-band bash. The scraping texture of the cello really brings to life that delta-blues/americana feel that gives the track a compelling edge.

The drums deserve a special mention on this track, the tom grooves in the verses add warmth, and the big triplet fills further cement that big rock sound. Although we can’t escape that bonzo-esque notion, I’m sure this is entriely intentional. The superb performance of drummer Daniel Beech brings class to an already strong track.

Singer/guitarist Ste Reid’s delivery of the chorus – “Hell, Save My Soul,” could easily feature on a record by blues/rock legends ‘Clutch’. The backing vocals and Cello runs give off an Americana vibe, while the mono-style production is reminiscent of classic 70’s rock records. All of this adds up to a fantastic trio of influences, and allow ‘The Mono LPs’ to live up to their name. We can’t wait for the new album – ‘Shuffle / Play’ – to land in the new year!

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