Meet the Bands – Phantom Booth

WHO? Louis Upton-Wheeler (vocals/guitar/bass), Lewis Cowper (vocals/bass/guitar), Henry Morley (drums) and Olly West (guitar) make up Reading’s own Phantom Booth.

GENRE? Alternative

FOR FANS OF: Frank Turner, Queen of the Stone Age and The Strokes

WHY WE ARE DIGGIN THEM:  Phantom Booth stand out from the crowd with their captivating melodies and story-telling lyrics. They write the type of music that people can relate to which is so important within the industry today. We’re very excited to see what it’s in store the Reading based band.

THE MUSIC FILES’ FAVOURITE TRACK: Blind Emotion Acoustic – The opening track of their debut EP release, ‘The Bath Sessions’, Blind Emotion captures an easy flow of gentle acoustics that oozes readers in from the offset. With a unique blend of guitar chords and impressive vocals, Blind Emotion is the perfect track to hypnotise listeners with the soft, delicate melodies. This feel good track will instantly put a smile on fans’ faces.

THE MUSIC FILES’ FAVOURITE LYRICS: We get up to have another drink and while you do that my heart sinks’ (I’m Tired and I Want to Go Home)

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS AS TOLD BY THE BAND: ‘When we went recording for the first time at a studio in Brighton it was pretty memorable as it was really the first time we heard our music played back to us. It was a fun little weekend. Henry very memorably tried to assert his dominance on the seagull population when they nicked our chips. However, nothing beats sharing a wall of fame with Mr. Tumble at our local HMV in Reading, having signed it after playing an instore there last August.’

GIG HIGHLIGHTS AS TOLD BY THE BAND: ‘We’ve returned to our old school every summer to play at their Sixth Form ball – on one notorious occasion we suffered a stage invasion amidst an enthusiastic rendition of ‘It’s Coming Home’. One memorable gig was an opening festival slot last May when Louis and Olly managed to consecutively bust an effects pedal and break a string within the same song…you live and learn. Favourite gig has to be when we played for BBC Introducing in Berkshire last February at our favourite watering hole in Reading, the Purple Turtle. Lots more to come we hope.’

Make sure you keep up-to-date with Phantom Booth’s socials below…


Twitter: @thephantombooth 

Instagram: @phantombooth

Featured Image Credit – Tony Hart

Make sure you check out Phantom Booth’s Debut EP, The Bath Sessions

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