An Interview with Jack Speirs

This week, we caught up with singer songwriter, Jack Speirs to discuss the release of his latest EP, ‘Find My Way’, his main influences and the inspiration behind his lyrics. Have a read below now to find out more

When did you first discover your love for music and when did you start writing your own music?
I’d probably say around the ages of 14/15 when I (for whatever reason) picked up the guitar. I started doing the normal thing by going through The Beatles best of and being wowed by the simple melodies and chords changes, same with Oasis really. And I thought, this is quality! So I started learning chords and general guitar theory, still love it! With the actual writing it would be hard to put a time and date on it, but I’d say about 17. Thank god I didn’t have the foresight to keep the recordings because I’d imagine whatever I was writing at the time as terrible would have been a generous description! But, so what. I was giving it a crack and let’s be thankful for that!

Who were your main musical influences growing up?
Oasis, The Vaccines, John Lennon, Artic Monkeys, Kasabin etc. Not very original, but you canny deny the power behind the anthems of these!

How would you describe your music to new listeners?
Without trying to sound too pretentious… I’d say the ‘sound’ is quite a stripped and back folk(ish) EP. Nothing too harsh, little electrics, light percussion. Like a melodical cuddle HAH, 

You recently released, ‘Find My Way’, your first EP – what was the writing process behind it?
Whatever the process was…it was a LONG one. The last two songs are at least 2 and a half years old! I’ve got loads of songs written and something brings me back to particular ones, don’t know what it is but that’s the way it goes. The song ‘Find My Way’ was shuffled around more times than a card deck, so I suppose the writing process is just finding the idea of the song and keep moving things from side to side until the lyrics, melody and general structure are good enough to call it a day. Doesn’t sound particularly romantic I know but, it works for me. 

Do you have a particular place you go to write?
Boring answer but, my room. A notepad and pen may turn up from time to time. It does require some shit telly on in the background just to level out the intensity of it all. So, privacy and an acoustic guitar, that’s the place. There you go. 

What is your favourite track from the EP and why?
Tough one. I’m equally proud of all the songs written and recorded. But, I’d guess the best way to answer that would be what song would you show a stranger if they could only listen to one… ‘Pick Out The Crowd’. Why? Because I and the people involved smashed everything; the melody, instrumentals and vocals many thanks to my super super featuring vocalist Gemma Horne, top girl! Also, the piano and guitar solo I think just breathe…amazing stuff! 

In terms of writing lyrics, does this come from personal experiences or are there other inspirations?
Looking back at the lyrics I’ve written for this EP, I’d say they sound pretty hopeful and optimistic. Which in fact, lend the themselves to the predominant major key of the record. ‘Hang on tight I won’t give love away’ and ‘Maybe we can stand together’ are very sort of ‘punch in the air’ as if to go ‘if we keep grafting and being nice to each other, it will all be alright’. Ironically, the way the world is at the moment, it could be considered as ‘fitting’ .

What’s been the general reaction of the release so far?
With my tadpole size fan base which is mainly made up of friends and family, the reaction has been nothing but LOVELY! Very chuffed with all the comments so far of which some have identified my influences that are correct. I am however, keen to push this out further so I can get more strangers on board and yield some more ‘honest’ opinions before my head becomes much lager than was it already is. 

What local musicians / bands do you recommend us listening to?
Black Market Karma, Mad Yella, Iwithin.

What are your aims and ambitions as a musician within the next few years?
My ambition would be to get singed and be able to take the projects further with a professional backing. The aims I would say for the next few years would be to, become a better songwriter, keep getting EP’s recorded and hopefully generate a fan base. I’ll be honest in that this is my first go, but I think I know what I’m doing and if I keep going it can only get better! Let’s see what happens and hopefully you’ll wanna have me back here again!

Make sure you follow Jack on his social media platforms below…

Twitter: @Jack_Speirs_

Instagram: @Jack_Speirs_

Check out Jack’s debut EP now

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