Top Releases of The Week (9th Nov – 15th Nov)

Another fab week for releases. We just can’t wait for your to grace your ears with not one but five new recommendations!! Check them out below now…

Recommendation 1: Uncle Kid – Supermarket Sweep (13th November)

The debut single from trip hop spoken word musician, Uncle Kid titled, ‘Supermarket Sweep’ is certainly a track, fans can relate to during these challenging times. The song captures the anxiety of living through the pandemic and the harsh truth within his lyrics help listeners understand the realities of the pandemic and the toll it takes on our mental wellbeing. The track not only shows the incredible talent within Uncle Kid’s songwriting abilities but also the impressive production through the use of household items. ‘Supermarket Sweep’ is the first track from his upcoming EP, ‘Indistinct Chatter’ and if the rest of the EP is anything like this track then listeners have a lot to look forward to!

Recommendation 2 – Michael Cooke – Doin Alright (13th November)

Michael Cooke is a totally new discovery for us here at The Music Files but after only a couple of tracks into his debut album, Doin Alright, we were hooked. Tracks include previously released, ‘Losing My Mind for Nothing’ and ‘Same Old Song’ alongside some new material. Our personal favourite, ‘I Want You To Know’ was an instant hit for us. The soft acoustics blend beautifully with Michael’s powerful vocals making the melody easy to follow. The lyrics, ‘Will you be my light, will you keep the darkness at bay’ creates this heartwarming love story, inevitably making listeners smile throughout. The album consists of nine wholesome tracks making it the ideal album to distract us from the current pandemic so sit back, relax and enjoy!

Recommendation 3 – Primes – Shangri-La (13th November)

Falkirk very own indie rock trio, Primes are back with their latest single, Shangri-La and we can confirm it’s a banger! Although there are similarities in that unique ‘Primes’ style compared to their previous releases to the new track, the Scottish three piece move towards a new direction. Soaring vocals, quirky guitar riffs and a catchy melody – there’s a certain energy within Primes’ music and Shangri-La is certainly no different!

Recommendation 4: Fauves – Spaced Out Face (13th November)

If there was ever a track to switch on that weekend feeling, Glaswegian six piece, Fauves latest track, Spaced Out Face is certainly it! Right from the get-go, the band take a step back to 70s disco whilst adding their own unique modern day funk style to the track. Think Tame Impala meets ABBA… a comparison you probably didn’t think you’d hear yet definitely works. It’s a track that will immediately have you on your feet – a true discotheque anthem! The perfect tune to start the weekend…

Recommendation 5: Animal Breakdown – Almost Lost (13th November)

London’s very own alt-rock trio, Animal Breakdown release their fourth single, Almost Lost and we can’t get enough of it! Think The Cure meets Joy Division – that alt 80s style with the band’s own modern day twist. This ballad like anthem hooks listeners with it’s powerful vocals, bright melodies shadowed with a dark atmosphere. A song that would be incredible live. This is actually one of the first times listening to Animal Breakdown but after this release, it certainly won’t be the last!

Recommendation 6: Late Fees – Silent Siren (13th November)

Now normally we only recommend our top five tracks but after hearing Late Fee’s latest single, we just had to write about it! This heartwarming acoustic number pulls listeners in from the offset and does not let them go. Think Biffy Clyro’s ‘Opposite’ meets The Twilight Sad’s ‘There’s a Girl in the Corner’ – that sort of alternative Scottish rock style. The type of track that would leave fans in awe while seeing it at live setting. If you haven’t checked out Late Fees yet, make sure you do!

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