Track of the Week – Pale Waves – Change

Who? The incredible Pale Waves are back with their first single in two years ahead of their second album, Who Am I? due to be released on the 12th February next year.

The Track: Change

Release Date: Nov 11th

Manchester indie pop band, Pale Waves bring joy to fans with their latest single, Change. The band grace our ears with this edgy new track capturing love, heartbreak and nostalgia throughout. Think Avril Lavigne meets Hayley Williams – that rock pop style but with Pale Waves unique style added to the mix. The track delivers an easy flowing melody colliding beautifully alongside the powerful vocals of Heather Baron-Gracie that we all know and love. The lyrics ‘Keep wishing you would change, still surprised you’re still the same, wish I never seen your face.‘ show the frustration of an on/off relationship something I’m sure many of their fans can relate to. If the style, quality and emotion in Change is anything like what the rest of the album has in store for us then we are certainly in for a treat.





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