Meet the Bands – Victoria Sponge

WHO? Chris on vocals, Ross on lead guitar, James on Rhythm guitar, Kyle on bass and Dylan on the drums all make up Glaswegian band, Victoria Sponge.

GENRE? Upbeat Alt Rock

FOR FANS OF: Interpol, Editors and Queens of the Stone Age

WHY WE ARE DIGGIN THEM: Energetic guitar riffs, addictive drum beats and impressive vocals, Victoria Sponge are certainly a band making a name for themselves.

THE MUSIC FILES’ FAVOURITE TRACK: Devil’s Tool – The first track off their debut EP grips listeners from the start with Chris’ powerful vocals that soar over the upbeat melody colliding with a blend of heavy rock making it the ultimate opener. The catchy chorus is addictive and delivers an element of individual style that separates Victoria Sponge from just another local rock band. This track is high in quality and would make for a great live setting!

THE MUSIC FILES’ FAVOURITE LYRICS: ‘Tell me about the birds and the bees, but maybe leave out all the bits that offend me.” (Commonplace, October 30th)

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS AS TOLD BY THE BAND: Realising this isn’t as soft and fluffy as the name Victoria Sponge might suggest, we have to admit that we’re pretty ambitious. We put a lot of work into trying to get the perfect set, find and play the best gigs, keep on top of our social media – all of this having become pretty complicated by COVID-19, as obviously many people’s lives have been. We played King Tuts for the first time in January, a sold-out show, and that was really encouraging to us and the crowd was great, but we’re still pushing hard for more audience engagement outside of venues. We recently passed 1500 likes on Facebook but, as sad as it sounds, the real career highlight will be reaching 1000 Instagram followers – that would just be really exciting for us because it’s such an engaged platform. Overall, though, this year has been a great one for releases. Both our single Sky Blue and Devil’s Tool have had really positive attention across the board, though not much love from the BBC yet – they’ll catch on eventually!

GIG HIGHLIGHTS AS TOLD BY THE BAND: King Tuts was a great experience, in terms of the audience’s openness to new music and a good time. Our hands-down best gig, however, has to go to The Bungalow in Paisley. That place was rocking when we played our set. It was filled with students and they just started dancing and jumping for our songs – they were lunatics, it was great. We ended up playing an extra song we hadn’t really rehearsed as an encore and, only due to their encouragement, we nailed it with a big build-up for a huge final note. We agreed afterwards that there was only one word to describe a crowd like that: amazing. We would play The Bungalow again in a heartbeat, no question. There was also the time we supported a Japanese rock band in Broadcast that ended up building a human pyramid with themselves and the crowd. Yeah, you can add that to the list of things that can only happen in Glasgow!

Follow the band via their socials now…


Twitter: @Viccyspongeband

Instagram: @viccyspongeband

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Check out Victoria Sponge’s debut EP – FILTHY PURE below…

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