Interviewing Fee of BLOXX

I have been following and loving uxbridge indie heroes BLOXX since they released their single Headspace last year – so you can understand that I was extremely excited (and had a slight fangirl moment) to interview their lead singer Fee Booth a few weeks back! We chatted about their recent tour with Twin Atlantic , post gig scran and of course their debut studio album Lie Out Loud.

So BLOXX has been going for a good few years now , how does it feel to finally have your debut album “Lie Out Loud” out?

Fee: Like no other feeling! We waited a long time to get it out there! Feels a bit weird tht it is out there now actually thinking about it haha

Pre lockdown you toured with Scottish favs Twin Atlantic, how was that?

Fee: Really cool, great lads and good crowds!

What are you missing the most about live shows? (Bonus question what is the elite post gig snack!)

Fee: Playing live is the most important feeling because it reminds us why we do what we do, it gives any musician a massive buzz. I miss that feeling. Oh, probably would say chips cheese and gravy but we are always too late for that so just go to maccies at 1am

I have followed you guys on twitter for a few years now and you are fairly prone to leaking upcoming music , I love this and find this hilarious as a fan but on a scale of 1 to 10 how much does your label hate you!?

Fee: Probably about a 8. I think leaking music is a form of fun teasing. I do feel bad sometimes though. Might have to stop it.

You guys are probably one of the most diverse guitar bands coming out of the UK indie rock scene at the moment , but I assume you’ve been coined with the term “female fronted” a lot what’s your thoughts on that term?

Fee: Yeah I hate it. It shouldn’t matter about gender, if you like the music then listen to the music! I’ve been asked a few times recently about my thoughts, and I just wish everyone was just existing, and not worried about social hierarchy or gender hierarchy. Just vibe it and enjoy life. 

So lastly I’m guessing you guys aren’t planning to take the chancellors advice on retraining then? 

Fee: Goodbye Rishi. He’s retraining to be a maccies employee. I’m all good where i am! haha

If you love Bloxx as much as I do they are due to embark on a full UK tour in April 2021 visiting

15 – The Rescue Rooms – Nottingham

18 – Riverside – Newcastle

19 – King Tuts – Glasgow

20 – Brudenell Social Club – Leeds

22 – Academy – Manchester

23 – The Bullingdon – Oxford

26 – Thekla – Bristol

27 – Heaven – London

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