Track of the Week: Albertine Sarges – Fish

Who? Berlin-based musician and producer Albertine Sarges, in collaboration with her new band The Sticky Fingers

The Track: Fish

Release Date: Nov 2nd, 2020

Back with the second single from her forthcoming LP The Sticky Fingers, Albertine Sarges continues to be an enthralling and innovative songwriter. Following on from the excellent Free Today, this latest track showcases a different, more laid-back side to the collaborative project. Absurd, darkly humourous lyrics tell the story of a hazy Finnish midsummer accompanied by a remarkably chill backdrop of looped guitars that takes you to the beach, lounging under a palm tree.

If the word ‘midsummer’ conjures up images of sinister Scandi cults and a terrified-looking Florence Pugh, worry not – there’s no lurking menace here, just a wonderfully warm, quirky ambience. If you like Dadaism and lasagne, you will love this track. It’s a much-needed break from the turmoil of reality. Listen to it below and keep your eyes peeled for their debut LP – set for release on Jan 29th, 2021. Pre-order it on Bandcamp here.

Keep up to date with Albertine Sarges via her social media below:

Facebook: @AlbertineSarges

Instagram: albertinesarges

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