Top 5 Releases of the Week (1st November – 7th November)

We’re only seven days in to November and already it’s shaping up to be an incredible month for new releases. From soft melodies to bluesy rock, we can’t get over the incredible variety in talent within the UK’s music scene. Have a read below to find out our top releases this week…

Recommendation 1: Asthmatic Harp – Birds of Paradise (4th November)

Glaswegian singer songwriter and composer, Hannah Fredsgaard-Jones aka Asthmatic Harp releases her incredibly touching E.P, ‘Things We Learn to Live With’ made up of five captivating tracks that will leave you utterly mesmerised. Our favourite track within the EP has to be ‘Birds of Paradise’. The gentle acoustics blend together with the delicate melodies and stunning vocals. Think Laura Maring meets Regina Spektor. A song designed to fit perfectly within a movie soundtrack…

Recommendation 2: Luna the Professor – Back on Track (6th November)

Four piece indie rock band, Luna the Professor have made quite a name for themselves over the last year within the local scene and their latest release, Back on Track could perhaps be their best one yet! The band move into a more rockier style with heavy guitar riffs, catchy bass lines and impressive vocals. The song is the ultimate motivator which the main message of the song focusing on lifting yourself up after a bad day. Be sure to check this band out, you won’t regret it!

Recommendation 3: Bleach Lab – Never Be (4th November)

Bleach Lab

South London four piece, Bleach Lab are a totally new discovery for us but after listening to their latest release, ‘Never Be’ we are absolutely hooked. The gripping vocals of lead singer, Jenna Kyle were leave you completely captivated… think Birdy meets Lorde. The song itself delivers a blend of heartbreak mixed with a dose of self care relating to Jenna’s personal experience about moving to a different city with her partner only to discover in the end she had to go alone. The personal touch to ‘Never Be’ makes it that more special. It’s the type of track you listen to alone with no distractions. A true masterpiece.

Recommendation 4 – Leaving Bordeaux – This Time (No Mistakes) (6th November)

Alternative indie rock band, Leaving Bordeaux are back with their latest release, This Time (No Mistakes) and it’s certainly not one to miss! The five piece band from Glasgow have had an incredible start to their career with the release of two previous banging releases and a sold-out hometown gig which will hopefully be re-scheduled when live music returns! ‘This Time (No Mistakes)’ is a groovy new tune with a catchy bass line, bouncing drums and intriguing lyrics. The indie anthem truly shows the natural talent within the band which really separates them from just another indie band. Their music is upbeat and creative with their own unique style. If you do anything today, make sure you listen to this track!

Recommendation 5 – Stone Dead John – Oi’ Jimmy (1st November)

Glaswegian blues rock duo, Christopher Johnston and Shug Mckay make up the phenomenal Stone Dead John. Their latest release, ‘Oi Jimmy’ takes listeners on a journey with it’s dreamy melodies, mesmerising acoustics and powerful vocals. This is a track that will leave you with goosebumps, something that the band do so naturally throughout all their music. This track in particular really captures the raw emotion within the band’s songwriting talents. From their incredibly gripping instrumentals to their strong rock styled vocals, Stone Dead John are certainly a band that stand out from the crowd and we can’t wait till they get the recognition they deserve!

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