Single Release – Weekend Debt’s ‘Pomposity’

Artwork by George McFadyen (@georgemcfadyen_)

I saw Weekend Debt perform live for the first time November of 2016 and i’d never have believed that 4 years down the line, id be reviewing their latest single.

Weekend Debt’s new single ‘Pomposity’ is definitely a new sound for the Glasgow based band. The boys have defined this new sound by taking influence from some of their favorite artists, even creating a playlist of songs that were inspiration, which I’ve linked below. The playlists features local bands such as Vistas, Declan Welsh and the Decadent West as well as Bombay Bicycle Club and more.

‘Pomposity’ starts with the raw vocals of lead singer Grant Scott, who is recognizable by his strong Scottish accent. The song is the epitome of indie pop, with super catchy chords and a stand out riff throughout. The chorus features quick spoken lyrics that match the quirky and fast paced rhythm of the song. I think the band have done a brilliant job with this song, each instrument having its own moment to shine. The song was mixed and produced by Glasgow based producer Jamie Holmes, who has worked with Weekend Debt on previous singles.

Weekend Debt’s sound has changed a lot over the last 4 years, and it takes a sharp turn from their previous singles such as Paragon, which is much more grungy. This new single has solidified Weekend Debt’s debut into the indie world, now categorized with bands they had previously idolized.

You can keep up to date with Weekend Debt’s next releases on their social medias.



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