An Interview with Holy Drone

This week, we caught up with dreamy-pop band, Holy Drone to find out more about their musical influences, their latest track, Fibres and what other local bands they are digging…

How did you the band form and where did the name come from?  We came together while in different bands sharing the same practice space and playing together when we realised we shared the same musical interests.

How would you describe your music to new listeners?  One of our main influences are probably Slowdive and the BJM but we drift through krautrock, punk and synth-pop sounds depending on who/what we’re listening to on repeat.

Your latest track, Fibres is due to be released this Friday – what’s the influence behind the song? The track was written during a period in lockdown when the sun was shining and everyone around us was starting to gain a bit of optimism about the weird situation we all found ourselves in. We’d been listening to a lot of Cocteau Twins at the time and it came together very quickly, however the recording process was drawn out due to us not being able to come together in the studio.”

Do you have a particular song writing process or is it something that just comes naturally? Generally someone brings in a small idea like a riff or progression and we flesh it out by jamming through it and recording multiple demos.

What’s been the most memorable gig that you’ve played so far? We played a end of year gig with man made (at the time) and shared a stage with Johnny Marr, which was really cool.

You are based in Warrington, how would you describe the music scene there? The scene is warrington is okay, we could do with more venues committed to supporting live music. We’re into The Lotts and Seagoth.

What local bands are you currently digging? We would advise to try and get your own space and DIY as much as you can and learn to record things yourself. Just get yourself out there and try to support your peers as we’re in it together.

What are your future plans for the band? Our plans for the future is just to write and record as much as possible as the live scene is non existent at the minute which is very depressing.

Find out more about the band via their social media below…


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