Single Review: Nicha – Little Bird

Hailing from Northern Ireland, Nicha is a 23 year artist also known as Lucy Robinson. Nicha’s new track ‘Little Bird’ is AMAZING! It mixes a variety of genres creating something very special and I’m sure you will all be adding it to your playlists in no time.

In July 2020, Nicha jumped onto the scene with her debut single Devices – a song about our society being addicted to our phones. She has already been critically acclaimed by some big names, drawing attention from BBC Radio Ulster’s Stephen McCauley, RTE 2 FM’s Dan Hegarty, RTE 2XM, Hot Press and more. Nicha takes inspiration from a wide variety of artists including Hendrix, Dylan, Marley ash Sultana, Loyle Carner, Jack Johnson, Bonobo and Jamie xx.

Nicha writes about her own personal struggles as well as those of friends and family. In her music, she talks about mental health, environmental issues and the world as it is around us. She aims to help people and draw awareness to current issues we face which shows that anyone can connect to Nicha’s beautiful music.

Nicha wrote ‘Little Bird’ as a call to those who are subject to mental and physical abuse in any relationship. She aims to spread a message and to let her listeners know that you can have the strength to make yourself happy, let that be through making a difficult decision in escaping a toxic relationship. Nicha sends out a positive message to people who may be in rough situation.

Nicha said “I feel there is a taboo around talking about domestic abuse, mental and physical. Women are suffering, men are suffering, there are so many victims even in this day and age. We need to raise
awareness and remind people to talk more.”

The song incorporates Lucy’s stunning vocals alongside Michael Mormecha’s amazing production skills which makes ‘Little Bird’ the ultimate chill out song. If you do one thing today make sure you give this a spin.

You can keep up to date with Nicha via her social media accounts:





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