Single Review: Indoor Foxes – Peach Stone

I have a confession – prior to hearing this track I had never heard of Indoor Foxes, and feel partly cheated on my own behalf as it is a work of art in every sense of the word. The Edinburgh based artist returns with her latest offering ‘Peach Stone‘ and having gone back through her previous releases I have no qualms in saying it is her finest work to date. Now don’t confuse that statement – I am in no way suggesting that her work prior to it hasn’t been any good, rather the opposite. ‘Peach Stone‘ builds on earlier tracks with a refreshing energy of experience as the young musician develops her sound and settles into her own individualistic style.

Wasting no time at all your are immediately sucked into the melancholic – yet in ways comforting – nature of the track as it explodes into resonance through a neatly worked little guitar solo and shoegazey lead in the background, which helps you connect with the ethos of the song and the artist from the word go. The track touches upon experiences of toxic relationships and being left questioning who you have become in a moment of reflection – that flash point realisation that you have changed for the worse through the actions or characteristics of another. The song title itself is a clever play on words for feeling suffocated or having that nagging ache in your throat as you swallow down the pain. With all that said, both the instrumentals and outstanding vocal delivery make for soothing listening – for me, one of the best releases of the year.

Looking ahead to 2021, she has two dates announced, and I predict ticket sales to sore off the back of this release. Get yours here…

12th March – Sneaky Petes – Edinburgh

18th March – Broadcast – Glasgow

You can keep up to date with all things ‘Indoor Foxes‘ below too…

TWITTER: @indoorfoxes

INSTAGRAM: @indoorfoxes

Facebook: @indoorfoxes

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