TV Priest release their latest single ‘Decoration’ after signing deal with Sub Pop

There are few, if any, bands you will come across who have caught a break during the promotion of their debut album, yet here we are with London’s latest post-punk outfit, TV Priest who with just a matter of weeks until the release date of their inaugural record (Uppers) have penned a deal with Sub Pop Records – a label who have boasted such names as Nirvana and Soundgarden on their roster.

It will be of no surprise to followers and fans alike that the group have caught a major break after showing enormous potential on early releases such as the outstanding ‘House of York’ and ‘Slideshow’ – which itself is set to feature on the record. Albeit huge news, fans will have to wait around a little while longer as the release date for the album has been pushed back to the 5th of February, but all is not lost as the the post-punk rockers have offered up another taster of what is to come with the release of their new single ‘Decoration‘.

The guitar hooks are chaotic, the word-play is poetic. There are shades of Ian Curtis in vocalist Charlie Drinkwater’s delivery. It is both agitational and anthemic. The drums beat on at a heart racing pace as the track builds and will have you tapping your hands along to it. It is a well worked slice of the ever progressive resurgence of punk-rock in the modern era and offers a glimpse into the lingering magnitude of TV Priest‘s sound, which I have no doubt will explode in 2021 and see the band takeover the scene.

Check out the video for the track below…

FFO: IDLES, Fontaines DC, Joy Division…

Like what you hear? You can pre-order the record from the bands own website here –


INSTAGRAM: @tvpriest


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