Still Corners release incredible new track, Crying

London based duo Tessa Murray and Greg Hughes aka Still Corners have just released the official video to their latest track, Crying ahead of their fifth studio album, The Last Exit which is due to released on the 22nd January 2021.

Crying takes listeners on a journey full of heartbreak, love and hopefulness. Tessa explains the meaning behind the track: “The only constant in life is change, this song is about a
breakup during a difficult time but it’s also about coping with a fast moving uncertain world. Our
video shows the immense universe and inevitable change of the seasons. Everything is in flux
and that’s the only thing that is certain.”

Despite the song being influenced by a break-up: ‘I’ve been crying, I’ve been trying to forget you’, the rising melodies help create something truly inspiring – there’s a peaceful aura throughout the song and for me, the dreamy acoustics help remind listeners that eventually everything passes. Take the time to listen to Crying the best way, lights off, headphones on and world out.

If this track is anything like the rest of the album then fans have a lot to look forward to!

Keep up to date with Still Corners via their social media platforms below…


Twitter: @stillcorners

Instagram: @stillcorners

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