Single Review: FOXHAUNT – Out Of Control

Based in York, FOXHAUNT are an emerging alternative rock band who have been finding their way by releasing critically acclaimed alternative rock tracks with an edge! They have just released their new single ‘Out Of Control’ alongside an excellent music video and it’s an absolute stomper!

FOXHAUNT formed in 2018 and have been taking influence from artists like Linkin Park, Alexisonfire and Don Broco. The band are also known for their unforgettable live shows! It’s not only their live shows that are unforgettable, their tunes are set to blow you away.

‘Out Of Control’ is one of the FOXHAUNT’s most emotional songs lyrically and was written at a time where a helping hand was definitely needed. It stems from when you have moments of ups and downs which can sometimes lead into self destruction and take its toll on someone’s mental health. The track begins with creating a soft rock vibe and develops into a hard hitting chorus where the lyrics echo the meaning behind the song “I’ve got a feeling, I’ve got a feeling that this is out of control, I just know, I just know”.

FOXHAUNT have also released an AMAZING music video to go alongside the track. It features the band playing in an abandoned/ run down industrial area which fits in perfectly with the track. The destroyed building link in with the theme of addressing self destruction and grips the viewer instantly. I can’t stop listening to the track and watching the music video!

Keep in touch with FOXHAUNT via their social media platforms below:


Instagram: @foxhauntband

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