An Interview with Bad Touch

This week, we caught up with Stevie, frontman of Norfolk’s five piece classic rock band, Bad Touch to chat all things music! From the release of their fourth album, Kiss The Sky to announcing a 14 date UK tour, Bad Touch have had quite the year, find out more about them below…

How would you describe your music to first time listeners? Big, in-your-face, feel-good sunshine for the soul (through Marshall cabs.)

You released your fourth album, Kiss The Sky in June … how does this album compare to the other three? We as a unit are so proud of what we’ve created. It’s 110% Bad Touch, and it has taken everything, that each member had to give, to create. It’s been a hard fought album, we’ve come the closest we ever have to killing each other, but the end product (hopefully) speaks for itself.

Was there a particular message that you wanted to represent throughout the album?
We’ve always been and will always be Bad Touch. We play feel-good rock n roll for the soul. Our never ending mission to give you the night you’ll never forget; a break away from the monotony and tyranny of life, and to leave anybody who is awesome enough to come to a gig smiling from ear to ear. That’s our mantra. This album is just that, this is a dancing round your bedroom, annoying your neighbours album; that we hope people will love any bit as much as we do.

You’ve announced a 14 date uk tour including a King Tuts date in Glasgow. How does it feel playing such an iconic venue and what can fans expect from the show? We cannot wait to play King Tuts. Glasgow is one of our favourite places to play. For real. It doesn’t matter what day of the week your gig falls on, Glasgow will turn out and they are up for a party. We have had an abysmally quiet 2020, for obvious reasons, and we have some serious electricity stored up. As soon as it’s safe to do so, we’ll be back bigger than ever!

Bad Touch are based in Norfolk … how would you describe the music scene there? There’s talent everywhere if you look for it. Norfolk is no different. Sadly some of our grassroots venues have not survived the pandemic. We got involved with the Music Venues Trust and the #saveourvenues campaign, in order to try to preserve these culturally integral places for generations to come. What is a band without a venue to play in?

What local bands are you currently digging that we should have a listen to? I’m listening to Planet Rock a lot, also I tune in to local radio stations from time to time… I’m the world’s worst when it comes to names.. so I apologise to the bands I’ve heard but can’t recall the names of!

What’s been the most memorable gig you’ve played so far and why? We’ve been so lucky as a band to have played so many great shows over the years. One that stands out in my mind is Download Festival. One of my personal favourites to attend. It was mind blowing to be up there; if you want to have us back, you know where we are!

What advice would you give to young musicians starting out? Don’t give up. If you’ve got a band you love, playing music you love, you can make it work, and everything else will fall in place around it. Trust me.

What else do you guys have planned for the band over the next year? We have big plans, and a big tour coming up ( for full details.) We cannot wait to be back in your faces, bigger and badder than ever! Thanks for staying with us throughout this bonkers time. Stay safe, stay well and be cool to each other…

Make sure you keep up to date with Bad Touch via their social media accounts…




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