The SAY Award 2020

The SAY (Scottish Album of the Year) award is one of the biggest nights in the Scottish music scene and this year for the first time ever, the ceremony will be broadcasted digitally though a YouTube premier!

Join hosts Nicola Meighan and Vic Galloway for a night of celebrating this year’s top 10 shortlisted albums alongside live performances from Happy Spendy, Kapil Seshasayee, VLURE and Zoe Graham and of course the big reveal of this year’s winner!

In honour of this year’s SAY award, some of our team at The Music Files decided to pick their top album from the hundreds of eligible albums this year. Read all about them below…

Fiona Henderson – The Ninth Wave: Infancy

‘Infancy, was an album that truly changed my view on glasgow music. The Ninth Wave have cultivated their own unique sound – a mix of slow and low electronic meets catchy distorted instruments and melodies that capture you. Every song evoking a different emotion, a different memory and a different time of my life. The lyrics are raw and relatable, clever and witty. The album as a whole, is truly extraordinary. For me, this album has been on repeat since its release and I don’t that will change for so.’

Amy Rogers – Vistas: Everything Changes in the End

For me my album of the year nominee is Everything Changes In The End by Vistas – it has been the soundtrack of the summer that was never meant to be. I’ve followed this band for years and I stayed up for their listening party on zoom and it was just an amazing culmination of everything they have done so far.

Ryan McConnell – Declan Welsh & The Decadent West: ‘Cheaply Bought, Expensively Sold’

My album of choice has got to be Declan Welsh & The Decadent West’s ‘Cheaply Bought, Expensively Sold’. For a debut it is pretty much flawless with not a single bad track to name on it. It is one of those records you find yourself constantly changing your mind on what track is your favourite. Kicking off with the fast paced and in your face ‘No Fun’ the stage is perfectly set for going forward alongside standouts such as ‘Absurd’ and ‘Different Strokes’. If I really had to choose one track though, it would have to be the brilliantly worked ‘People Let You Down’ with its haunting yet simplistic intro with nothing but piano and vocals. This record will take some beating, but I am excited to see what the band come up with next.

Emily Duff – The Snuts: Mixtape EP

My top SAY Album Nomination is Mixtape EP by The Snuts as they are quickly becoming household names in the Indie scene throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK. Mixtape EP demonstrates how they managed this success with their range of energetic vocals and catchy rhythms.

Fearghal Mcmahon: Wrest – Coward of Us All

An emotive and straightforward album with Frightened Rabbit and Admiral Fallow running in its veins. A perfect example of a band finding what they’re good at and sticking to it, Edinburgh’s Wrest have become a favourite for many indie-folk fans with single ‘Human’ one of the stand out gems, and one of my most listened to tracks of the year.

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Make sure you tune in from 7pm on Thursday 29th October at to view the ceremony in full.

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