Meet the Band – The Super Pumas

WHO? Inverclyde trio

GENRE? Grunge / Pop-Rock

FOR FANS OF: Nirvana, Foo Fighters and Biffy Clyro

WHY WE ARE DIGGIN THEM: Heavy rock riffs, strong vocals and ballad-like tracks, The Super Pumas are seriously talented. They have a truly unique sound that you certainly won’t have heard within the Scottish local music scene before!

THE MUSIC FILES’ FAVOURITE TRACK: Twisted Fairytale. A slightly more stripped back version to their normal rockier vibe, Twisted Fairytale shows a different side to The Super Pumas highlighting their talent in songwriting.

THE MUSIC FILES’ FAVOURITE LYRICS: ‘Control the controller to be controlled’ (Control the Controller, 2016)

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS AS TOLD BY THE BAND:  ‘Releasing our debut album. It allowed us to demonstrate the different styles we like to explore and we feel the album showed this well. Off the back of the album, it allowed us to be in contact with acts we look up to such as My Vitriol. Their drummer Ravi Kesavaram was kind enough to do a mix of one of the tracks which we got a kick out of. Lastly, getting great reviews from the likes of Louder Than War who really seemed to get the sound we were going for and highlighted the melodies as being a crucial part of what we do which hit the nail on the head.’

GIG HIGHLIGHTS AS TOLD BY THE BAND:Playing King Tuts is always a highlight, being able to play on such a prestigious stage. However, one that really stands out was a relatively small gig at Nice ‘N Sleazys in Glasgow. This was a gig another band put on themselves to release their single so it could be viewed as a making up the numbers gig for the other band. We were on before the main act and up until that point the night had passed without much more than the tap of a foot however from our first song we seemed to click with the audience. An audience that wasn’t ours. The place went mental! The room ended up rammed and that idle room turned into a sweat fest of bodies dancing like it was 1999 haha! It ended in a crescendo of smashed guitars and a drummer nearly passing out from heat exhaustion (he did decide to play the full gig in a pink lined, leopard skin coat he acquired moments before we took to the stage). It felt like our gig, our night and resulted in many a new TSP fan which is always the goal. As far as career and gig live highlights go, we decided to see if it was possible to support My Vitriol, instead of paying for a ticket like we would have done. After numerous emails and getting passed from one person to another we managed to actually support them in Stereo Glasgow, had a laugh backstage with the guys and had the best night man. Other highlights have been actually recording and Engineering our own songs recently, lockdown kinda forced us to do that and it’s something that we plan on doing more often tbh.’

Check out the band’s latest single here…

Make sure you keep up with the band via their social media below….



Instagram: @thesuperpumas

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