Columbia “Fat Catz” Review

“Fat Catz” encapsulates the amazing raw power that Columbia possesses from their live act and have put it into a short and sweet anthem. “Fat Catz” has everything from powerful raw vocals, pumping drums and a britpop esque guitar hero solo to end, you’ll be hard to find something in the track that doesn’t catch your ear and wan’t to get you dancing. (or wanting to jump about down the front of a gig… ahh remember gigs). 

Initially you’re introduced with a lonesome guitar and pounding kick drum, I really didn’t know what to expect at first, the rest of the main instrumentation and vocals fill in… and then half way through the first verse you’re hit with the absolute massive sound that is Columbia. The production on this track is stellar, all the power and emotion in the performances has been captured which gives this track a feel that you’ll rarely have on tracks these days. 

Columbia have managed to write an anthem with “Fat Catz”, you’re invested from start to finish and keeping the listeners attention for the entirety of a song is probably one of the hardest achievements to accomplish in creating a piece of music. 

Columbia have really show some real talent with this single which is by far been my favourite release so far, the band teasing with the possibility of the release of an EP next year, which if “Fat Catz” is anything to go by it’s going to be absolutely show stopper from this Liverpool five-piece. For a band that’s only been together just over two years and most of the band picking their instruments up not long prior to forming the band it’s hard not to see the bands progression continuing in an exponential manner that it’s currently going on. I can’t see anything stopping Columbia at the moment, not even a global pandemic.

Find Columbia below;


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