Single Review: Lizzie Reid – Seamless

One word that’s been used regularly to describe Lizzie Reid’s second single ‘Seamless’ is “personal”. However, she’s stumbled upon something much more universal than personal. The follow up to ‘Tribute’ might have been based on any of our stories of love and loss, and it is a tale told so effortlessly and honestly that Reid’s voice could be your own inner monologue.

‘Seamless’ Cover Art, by Lizzie Reid.

Although the influence of Laura Marling hangs ever present in the sound and style of Reid’s writing, this song leans towards something more like Angel Olsen in the verses, whilst the chorus opens up into a heartbreaking play on words and a melody that wouldn’t be out of place in Damien Rice‘s O. Vocals sit perfectly raw in the mix, complete with sharp intakes of breath and even a conversation with a cat. Then, with the gentle introduction of a swelling string part, a hair raising, spine tingling warmth washes over the track. As each instrument trickles into the song the story is elevated to a new level of emotion, so that when the drums fully kick in for the last chorus we feel an element of catharsis and understanding that eradicates what could easily have developed into a feeling of bitterness.

Via Lizzie Reid’s Facebook.

Lizzie Reid has become a staple of the Glasgow music scene. She’s showed up with more bands than I could name as an additional guitarist, bassist or backing vocalist. However, I’ve been waiting fairly impatiently on her own original material to be released after being blown away by her captivating live performances. Thankfully, she wasted no time and released two tracks rapidly, both exuding a quiet confidence and utter quality of songwriting. ‘Seamless’ is perhaps a fuller picture of Reid’s live sound, all rousing guitars, harmonies and strings. She’s undoubtedly managed to muster up one of the best songs to come out of Scotland this year.

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By Fearghal McMahon

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