Album Review: The Jaded Hearts Club – You’ve Always Been Here

Supergroup The Jaded Hearts Club have premiered their debut album this month (2nd Oct) and we at The Music Files are totally obsessed. 

Forming in 2017 by Blur guitarist Jamie Davis, the group originally called ‘Dr Pepper’s Jaded Hearts Club band were created and performed plentiful covers by The Beatles before expanding and covering tracks by the likes of The Kinks, The Who and Marvin Gaye. 

In 2018, the band performed some gigs in America and at the Teenage Cancer Trust show at London’s Royal Albert Hall. 

The initial idea for an album originated at the beginning of last year and was recorded shortly before the corona virus lockdown of this year.

The Jaded Hearts Club is a combination of a magnitude of talent, with the band made up of Miles Kane, Matt Bellamy, Nic Cester, Graham Coxon, Jamie Davis and finally Sean Payne. ‘You’ve Always Been Here,’ is a collective of classic rock ‘n’ roll and Motown hit covers, with a unique take by these sensational musicians. 

Guitar heavy and lyrics sung with total conviction, the supergroup have transformed classic songs into unrecognisable yet phenomenal tracks. 

The debut album begins with Matt Bellamy’s cover of the legendary ‘We’ll Meet Again’ sung originally by the late Vera Lynn and automatically sets the tone of the album’s entirety. Tracks throughout You’ve Always Been Here are punchy and feature incredible musical riffs. These artists have taken somewhat traditional, yet definitive songs and have transformed them into modern day tunes. 

Miles Kane’s take on Richard Berry’s ‘Have Love Will Travel’ has got to be my favourite cover on the album. His strapping vocals are met with the famous bass line of the original song as well as weighty electrics and even a cheeky saxophone solo which ultimately adds to the overall coolness of the Englishman’s cover. 

Each track on the album features extreme rock ‘n’ roll vibes and the group have provided us with an album that features a huge selection of timeless classics that are guaranteed to have you singing along word for word, with every track being met with immense guitar solos and thunderous vocals. 

The Jaded Hearts Club have provided us with an album that is enriched with uniqueness and extremely quirky, it has been described as a ‘soundtrack to a great Friday night down the local boozer’ (NME, 2020), but I think it deserves more credit than that. 

These musicians have transformed classic songs and transformed them into modern day tunes, that are full of attitude and musical genius. The album has given us something to look forward to in these uncertain times and provided us some new material to listen to in our living rooms at the weekend.


Twitter: @TheJadedHearts

Instagram: @thejadedheartsclub

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