Single Review: Andrew Cushin – Where’s My Family Gone

It is not often you will hear of – The Chief – Noel Gallagher praising many new artists trying to make their way in todays music industry, let alone work with them – but then comes along, Andrew Cushin.

The talented young songwriter caught the attention of the former Oasis man through chance when his manager sent a demo onto him, and to both their surprise he replied asking to hear more of what the Geordie wordsmith had to offer. A record deal followed, as too did two stellar singles, namely ‘Its Gonna Get Better‘ and ‘Waiting For The Rain‘ – which if you haven’t heard already, I advise you do this instance. Now he is back and brings with him the High Flying Birds front man on production for the excellent ‘Wheres My Family Gone‘.

The sound is immediately reminiscent to some of Noel’s earlier work with the HFB’s – but for me is testament alone to the talent of Andrew himself that he is willing to leave his mark on the track. It is a step up from the two previous singles in terms of production adding a whole new dimension to his overall sound – but does not take away from the sincerity and passion to which the young talent projects through his voice. With words straight from the heart Andrew sings with a conviction that will have you placing yourself in the middle of the story. The subtlety of the piano, bass and drums combined with the acoustic strings on the track all come together to give it a proper ballad-like cadence, that is then met with the introduction of Noel himself in the latter half with a neat little guitar solo which tops it all off. It really is just a matter of time before this lad blows up.

Check out the video for the track below…

You can also keep up to date with Andrew on the following social links…

TWITTER: @AndrewCushin

INSTAGRAM: @andrewcushin

FACEBOOK: @AndrewCushin

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