Single Review: The A.V Club – Real Love

Warrington’s very own The A.V Club are back with their newest single ‘Real Love’. After the band released their amazing single ‘Over U’ back in July as part of their groovy new branding that the band are calling ‘Phase Two’ of their exciting journey they have just released their second single of the new phase and I can promise you it’s absolutely astonishing.

‘Real Love’ follows on perfectly from ‘Over U’ linking in with a similar narrative. It’s the perfect upbeat pop ANTHEM! It’s the ideal tune to dance around to and forget about everything that is going on in the world right now. The track has the perfect combination of punchy drum beats, memorable guitar hooks and a massive catchy chorus.

The A.V Club have described the creative process behind the track as: “The writing process was a true collaboration from all the members of The AV Club with everyone chipping in ideas; we were really influenced by artists such as Sea Girls and The 1975. The 1975 influence can definitely be heard in the guitar solo towards the end of the track. “

The production behind the track is outstanding! You can hear that The A.V Club have found their own style while including some of their influences. The band described that the recording process was different saying “The recording process was completely different than usual for us as ‘REAL LOVE’ was completely self produced. It was all recorded at Cals home studio, each band member turned up to write and record parts across a few days. This was really useful for us as two of the band are professional sound engineers and it really allows us bring to life any ideas we had when writing “REAL LOVE”. We think the completely self produced nature of this track means its 100% authentic to the original idea we had and I think this can really be heard when you listen to “REAL LOVE”.

I think it’s fair to say we’re expecting BIG things from The A.V Club in the future! I can’t wait to finally see the band play live.

You can keep up with all The A.V Club’s latest announcements at:


Instagram: @theavclubband

Twitter: @theavclubband

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