Liverpool’s SeaGoth drop’s latest track Dreamworld

If I had to give my band or musical project a super cool name , I feel like SEAGOTH is definitely in the list of the names I would consider….


Sadly though that name is taken by Liverpools own aforementioned Seagoth , the musical project of Georgia Ochoa. Her latest offering ‘Dreamworld’ is a piece of stunning bedroom indie pop and I can confidently say it’s getting whacked straight in my playlist!

The track definitely lives up to it’s dream like name , built around self produced dreamy synths and samples – the track is absolutely gorgeous! The release of ‘Dreamworld’ follows  on from the release of her EP “Internet cafe”  released early this year and the track continues to explore the electronic pop world.

Citing her musical inspirations from MGMT to Beach House , fans of both will fall for SEAGOTH! 

You can stream the full track here:

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