Interview: Introducing Liverpool’s newest act The Kendos

By Ryan McConnell

I caught up with Liverpudlian four-piece The Kendos this week ahead of the release of their debut single ‘Rule the Real‘ to chat a little about the track and their aspirations going forward as a band. Check out what they had to say below…

For all who are unaware, tell us a little bit about the background of the band and who you are…
We are The Kendos from Liverpool. We write tunes that we wanna hear being made, an example of that being our debut single ‘Rule the Real’ which is out now!! 

So the single is released Oct 9th, you must be excited to get it out there. What was the inspiration behind the track? 
The track stems from a riff that Louis had been jamming around for a long time, with the help of me and the others we finished the instrumental. Louis had all the lyrics but a chorus, which he wrote 10 minutes before we debuted it live. The lyrics are about the people you meet in life who are wrapped up in their own self importance and won’t take advice from others to change their ways. 
Its a great little song which had me hearing some similarities with Liverpudlian greats ‘Cast’ is there somewhat of an influence there in your sound?

Massively, we’ve been lucky enough to support Cast twice now. Both live and on the record there just doesn’t get much better. A bit of an underrated band that we also take influence from are The Chameleons, I’d highly suggest checking their album Strange Times out. 

Its a hard time for any band to be getting off the ground right now, what are your hopes and aspirations going forward?
To be able to make a living from making people happy through our music would be a dream come true. 

Must be difficult not knowing when you will get around to playing some proper gigs, do you plan more releases in the meantime to help build momentum?
We’re hitting the studio again this year. But until then we’re going to keep pumping out the content, writing, and perfecting our craft. 

If you could choose one artist from the past to share a stage with, who would it be?
Going to have to go with Oasis, imagine the scenes. 

There has been a lot of great music released this year so far, what tracks/records have stood out for yourselves?
Sports Teams album, Buzzard Buzzard Buzzards EP, everything Stone has released so far, Red Rum Clubs album, David Byrne’s Badside by Courting, and Corduroy by Monks. Honestly, too many to choose from, I’ve missed so much. 
Going back to the release of your debut single, how would you describe it in order to reel in new listeners?

Energetic, powerful, guitar music with hints of new wave and 60’s psychedelia thrown in for good measure.

Keep up to date with the lads on the following social links below…

TWITTER: @thekendos

INSTAGRAM: @thekendos


You can also save the track and check out the bands demo ‘Get Up Already’ here…

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