Single Review: Fake Lips – Rise

by Emily Duff

Fake Lips have just dropped their second single, Rise. Made up of two men, Gary and Michael, who brag that they’re the same age with the same interests and in the same town, they met online as adults and formed the duo we now know as Fake Lips. 

Previously forming the band Palmiros, their sound blended Rolling Stones with the White Stripes and Fratellis. Despite performing at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut and supporting The Strypes, Palmiros died and was re-birthed as Fake Lips. While their new identity maintained their love of classic rock sounds of the 60s and 70s, they also took on modern influences such as IDLES. 

A mix of punk and rock, the duo seem not to take themselves too seriously with their combination of lyrical discussions of real issues and uplifting, almost silly instrumentation. 

Opening with a funky, almost country, beat and hand-clapping the tune suddenly adds rock guitar and husky pop vocals. The amalgamation of the three genres emphasises the fun side of the duo behind the song. Rise doesn’t take itself too seriously in contrast to Fake Lips’ other release, Fame Whore, which sounded more like rock as you’d expect it. Balancing gritty vocals and melody-rich guitar accompaniment, Rise is a great song to lift you up and put you in a good mood.

Find out more about them here:

Twitter: @fakelipsuk

Instagram: @fake_lips_band

Published by emilyduff

Emily is a Journalist and PR Assistant from Newcastle who is currently studying English Literature at the University of Sheffield. She is also the owner and producer of her magazine, Darling, Lifestyle Editor for Forge Press and Marketing Lead for Liberty Belle Magazine.

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