Single Review: Deh-Yey – I Am Result

Chester two-piece Cash Burns and Tom Maude, otherwise known as Deh-Yey, have returned with their new single I Am Result which will be released via Restless Bear Records on Friday 2nd of October.

The boys storm into the track with a striking no holds barred approach. We are gripped from the beginning with Burns’ gritty guitar riff, which is accompanied by Maude’s prominent and pounding drumming.

Burns’ Paul Weller-esque vocals are soon added into the mix. They tell the story of an individual who is struggling to find their place in the world, identifying themselves as a ‘result of the social service’ who feels ‘paranoid’, ‘anxious’ and ‘angry’. This is not a track about mindless and unexplained violence. Instead, I Am Result projects a serious message regarding the chaos and confusion that can ensue if a young person is not provided with the correct care and attention in their life.

The lack of structure and clarity throughout the song is exactly what makes Deh-Yey’s music so unique. It also shows that they have no intention of following anybody’s rules and are committed to continuing down their own track. If I Am Result is anything to go by, that track will certainly be an interesting one that we certainly intend to follow.

Keep up with Deh-Yey through their socials:

Facebook – @dehyey

Twitter – @DehYey

Instagram – @dehyey_uk

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