Single Review: Django Django | Spirals

Django Django are a band I have long been aware of but had never properly listened to – that was of course until now when I was asked to give them a spin and share my thoughts on the London based outfit’s first release in two years and lets just say, they now have my full attention.

As far as first listens go, this track really is the perfect introduction for anyone who (like myself) finds themselves exposed to Django Django for the first time. ‘Spirals‘ is a soaring, yet menacing indulgence of well worked indie pop that you will be willing never to end. The bassline is the driving force of the song and trundles on almost like a fervent heartbeat throughout. The track comes layered with perfectly executed instrumentals right from the off as it steadily builds into an almost therapeutic transcendence of sound – couple that with front man Vincent Neff’s vocal delivery and subtle tones to which wouldn’t sound out of place on any 60’s psychedelic record and you are left with a song I guarantee you will have on repeat.

Going off the basis of this track alone, I for one am excited to hear what comes next, and can only hope that it is a sign of bigger and better things to come from the group going forward.

Check out the video for yourself, and keep up to date with the band below…

TWITTER: @thedjangos

INSTAGRAM: @thedjangos


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