Single Review: Alex Maxwell – Inaction

Dumfries-based singer-songwriter Alex Maxwell has teamed up with Idlewild’s Rod Jones for his third single Inaction, which was released this week.

This indie-folk track would act as the perfect accompaniment to a walk or drive round the Scottish countryside with friends on a summer’s day.

In his lyrics, Maxwell gives us some advice on how to we can find our ‘peace of mind’. It’s a song that authentically radiates energy and positivity – things that may seem in short supply these days.

Inaction displays Maxwell’s ability experiment with a heavier sound that we have heard from him before, as well as his success in being able to fuse together indie with elements of folk and pop in order to create a delightful and memorable track.

We expect big things will come for this talented guy, so keep up to date with Alex Maxwell through his social media accounts:

Facebook – @alexmaxwellartist 

Twitter – @amaximoment

Instagram – @maximoments

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