The Roly Mo – TRM EP Review

By Connor Adam

The 6 track mini album from The Roly Mo takes us on a tempestuous ride from start to finish. With greased up rock songs like ‘Diamond Doll’ to absolute indie bangers in ‘Control Yourself’ & ‘Count To Ten’. There is an unbelievable energy that transpires through all 6 tracks, it has swagger, romance and everything in between. With the 6 tracks lasting little over 16 minutes The Roly Mo don’t need much of your time to tell you what they’re about with the Self Titled EP ‘TRM’. 

The Roly Mo have been honing their craft on the Glasgow circuit for the past few years and are looking like they are going to take the leap up with this next release, already single’s ‘Control Yourself’ having play’s on BBC Radio 1 just as a start. 

Starting off with an explosive opener in ‘Shes So Hot’, The Roly Mo really pushing their punk influences. It’s romantic, full of loud guitars and distortion. The first track to me is often the most important on a release as it’ll set the scene for the voyage you are about to leave on delving into an album on EP

If the first track doesn’t already make you have your leather jacket on ‘Diamond Doll’ certainly will and you’ll also be getting the pomade out to grease your hair back. It’s a desert rock anthem and by far is the stand out track on the EP for me. The driving drums and bass setting the foundation breaking into the chorus, “I’m so in love with you but I can’t wrap my mind around your world”.

I really like the contrast on this EP with the fast eruptive tracks like ‘Stuck In A Rut’ & ‘I’ll Be Happy When You Die’ to the slower more melodic songs like ‘Control Yourself’ & ‘Count To Ten’. Showing the fact The Roly Mo can do it all when it comes to writing songs. 

These tracks have the typical 7 West Studio’s sound all over it produced by Chris Marshall and Baby Stange’s Johnny Madden who have been producing and releasing half of Glasgow’s punk rock bands on 7 West Music. Not taking anything away from Roly Mo on this though they have written an astounding anthemic debut. 

TRM will definitely establish The Roly Mo at the top of the Scottish punk scene, it’s a top performance for a debut EP. I can say honestly never got bored once and you’ll be having this EP on repeat too.

Control Yourself’ single  Pre- Save




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