Single Review: Freddie Dickson – Touch Over Distance

With Britain’s lockdown easing and life returning to some kind of semblance of normality, we may not wish to remember our experience of being confined to our homes due to the global Covid-19 pandemic.

However, singer-songwriter Freddie Dickson’s new track Touch Over Distance effectively allows us to place ourselves back in time to reflect upon that period and the emotions that came along with it for many of us.

Comprised solely of guitar, synth and vocals, Touch Over Distance mirrors the hauntingly deserted streets and cities of lockdown as well as the sadness that we all felt whilst living through such troubling and uncertain times.

Lyrics such as ‘it might get lonely for a moment/but all will pass in time’ hit home, reminding us that we have all felt alone and afraid over recent months. Yet, Dickson’s lyrics simultaneously ignite a hope that, in time, we will live a life free from this fear and loneliness. Furthermore, Dickson struggles to hide his emotion whilst singing his accurate and truthful lyrics, which make the track both raw and impactful.

Dickson has succeeded in creating a track which conveys both the darkness of solitude and the need for hope in order to move through troubling times. Listening to Touch Over Distance may remind us of the difficulty we have all faced in recent times, but it also encourages us to appreciate where we find ourselves now.

Find out more about Freddie Dickson through his website and social media accounts:

Twitter – @FreddieDickson

Instagram – @freddiedickson

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