Single Review: Garlands – Happy

by Myrren Porter

Premiering last month, The Music Files are absolutely delighted to review the latest release from Glasgow trio The Garlands. 

‘Happy’ which made its first appearance to audiences on 31st July was hot on the heels of previous releases ‘Play Games’ and ‘Where Things Belong.’ It begins with a significant bass line intro before being met with clashing drums giving it that grunge sound which is the common denominator across the group’s music. 

The lyrics of the track are cheeky, snappy and are sung by the vocals of Gordon Harrow, who I can only describe as Glasgow’s very own Billie Joe Armstrong. Such lyrics and harmonies gel greatly with the musical elements of the single. Heavy but effective guitar riffs create a 90s American movie vibe which can be compared to the auras of Courtney Barnett and as previously mentioned Green Day. 

At times the single contains heavy drum beats and guitar rhythms, allowing for a Nirvana esque sounding group, however the light sounding vocals and complimentary harmonics contrast to this heavy sound and create the bands alternate take on pop music. 

It can be said that the three-piece made up of Gordon, Stef and Darren have most definitely found their niche and what they are good at by comparing their last few releases. 

For fans of the likes of The Pixies, Nirvana and Pearl Jam, The Garlands are hot on the scene and are more than capable of producing tracks such as ‘Happy’ that make you feel happy but still dead cool. We at The Music Files can’t wait for future releases and hopefully get to catch them live soon (COVID PENDING). 

Find out more about the band below…


Twitter: @garlands_

Instagram: @garlands.glasgow

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