Behind the Music: Take the Night – Teenage Love

by Myrren Porter

Geordie synth duo Take The Night have returned with their new single ‘Teenage Love’ which premiered last month. 

Showcasing the groups passion for all things synth, the consistent line throughout the track creates an airy sounding aura which is what makes Take The Night one of the most unique groups within their field right now. 

The Music Files were able to catch up with the dynamic duo, made up of David Charlton and Tom Homan, to discuss their new material and get to know the artists behind these weird but wonderful sounding tracks. 

If you closed your eyes and listened to ‘Teenage Love’ for the first time you would automatically think you were in the 80s with the biggest shoulder pads you could find, dancing your life away. This is down to the musical works of the ground allowing it to be retro sounding yet available to various audiences. 

When asked about the feedback they have received, David and Tom said: “Those we have shared it with have really enjoyed it. We’ve been told it has a tight classic synthpop sound which is reminiscent to the explosion of britwave pop synth acts in the mid-80s.” 

The quirkiness of Take The Night’s music is something that allows them to remain unique and we at The Music Files take our hats off to them. 

Inspirations for such wacky sounding music are plentiful for these guys but for this particular track it focuses on the conflicting emotions of being young and falling in love. 

David and Tom said: “It is about someone experiencing all of those young love emotions again- the excitement, fun, fear, heartbreak and how quickly these emotions can change. Your age can change, but those raw feelings stay the same. We really want listeners to make their own truth and relate it to an experience of their own.” 

Although ‘Teenage Love’ deals with difficult emotions, the overall sound of the single is uplifting and generally great for the mind and ears. The synth-pop genre that the duo have attempted to achieve has been done successfully while still being mindful of evolving and modern audiences. 

Find out more about the band below…

Twitter: @Takethenight2

Instagram: @Takethenightband

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