Single Review: Plastic Barricades – Tunnel

London and Paris-based alt-rock duo Plastic Barricades ask us to keep in mind the following question whilst listening to their new single Tunnel: Imagine if you could see your worries and anxieties under a microscope? What would they look like?

Tunnel is a fast-paced indie-style track that displays clear influence from the likes of Snow Patrol and Placebo.

Although the rapid percussion beats and racing rhythm guitar mirror the feeling of darting through the city at high speed, the lyrics convey a sense of increasing claustrophobia and unease.

Vocalist Dan Kert displays a heightened awareness of his surroundings through the lyrics Driving through the tunnel, there’s no turning back / The walls seem closer now, reverberating sound.

Lyrically, the track compares our natural experiences of anxiety and fear to travelling through a long, bleak tunnel. However, there is an understanding that we must ride it out until we can finally reach the light at the opposite end.  

Tunnel works to inspire two different emotions. Musically, it promotes energy, power and determination. Yet the lyrics encourage us to reflect upon our innermost thoughts, no matter how difficult it may be.

Have a look at the music video for the track below. It was created by Elina Pasok and Dan Kert and was shot using a digital microscope.

Plastic Barricades are due to release their new EP Self-Theories later this year. Keep up with the band via their socials:

Facebook – @plasticbarricades

Twitter – @PlasticB

Instragram – @plasticbarricades

Website –

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