Single Review: Luca Wilding – Heartachers

London-based singer/songwriter Luca Wilding released his debut single ‘Heartachers’ on June 12th 2020. The single is from Wilding’s up and coming album that will hopefully be released at the end of this year and If ‘Heartachers’ is anything to go by this is going to be one mesmerising album.

‘Heartachers’  is dominated with the sweet calming vocals of Luca throughout the song you can hear the pain, passion and soul that he brings to his songwriting. 

He leads us so effortlessly through the song helping us understand the story and the well throughout meaning behind each lyric. When speaking about ‘Heartachers’ Wilding said, “Heartachers is about learning to let go of what was. It was meant as a kind of call to arms; an invocation of the strength it takes to overcome the mountains of the mind. It tells the simple story of trying to love someone through all their pain and despite their sadness.” 

Wilding’s falsetto voice is accompanied so beautifully by gently plucked electric guitar until about half way through the song when the speed of the guitar starts to build leading us into a powerful instrumental that lifts Wilding’s voice as he finds more strength to belt out the chorus. “So long those long summers, so long those wild-eyed dreams. We are the heartachers, and there ain’t no song too sweet.” Now instead of gently plucked guitar the song is backed mostly with drums and percussion which really flips the whole mood of the song. 

I would highly recommend Luca Wilding and ‘Heartachers’ to anybody looking for some new and different music to listen to.

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