Dictator are back and causing ruckus in your earholes yet again with their belter of a new single, ‘Days Gone By’. The dreamy 4 piece released their new single on the 7th of August, doing an Instagram live half an hour before midnight to countdown the time to the release of the new single – hyping it up and ready to rock and roll, i can definitely see why – because what a tune it is. Believe the hype.

‘Days Gone By’ is a 5:35 minute long single, packed with dreamlike melody’s, continual steady drum beats and cosmic vocals. After a 1:20 minute tranquil intro, the drums kick in and lead the song into the vocals. The first verse starts off with the lines “You walk a long road, i walk that long road too, it’s true it’s only me and you. All the faces are black or blue or grey, nobody walks this way.” leading into the euphoric chorus, “Day dream of days gone by, they look up to the sky.”

The hypnotic melody’s disguise the bigger meaning of this single, it’s about choosing not too dwell upon your past and not letting it define you by the mistakes that you’ve made. Its about pulling yourself up out of the dirt by your collar when the whole world is against you, and never giving up no matter how hard it is, and never taking the easy way out. As many of us will have seen or experienced first hand, there has been too many people lost to the wicked world of drug and alcohol abuse, this song has been written as a social commentary of the normalisation of the drug culture that many of us know about, and is just the normality of everyday life for a lot of people.

The band wrote this single to show a representation of an isolated individual that is trying to find the right path through economical and social deprivation that has resulted in the destructive behaviours and culture that surrounds them. This song talks about real life, every day issues that are so important and will always be important. Real band, real important issues, real music, this is why i love music, and we need more of it. It’s not the usual break up song, it’s a single about raising awareness, never giving up and not following the beaten path. So as said above – get on the hype.

You can find Dictator on all social medias:

Twitter: @Dictator_Band

Facebook: Dictator

Instagram: dictatorband


Hope you love this song as much as i do, go give the band some love on their social media, and don’t forget to listen and share their new single. Peace n love n stay safe! Xo

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