EP Review: Laura Murray – Memories

Hailing from Paisley, singer/ songwriter Laura Murray has exploded onto the Glasgow music scene with her debut EP ‘Memories’. Laura has already achieved a massive amount in a short space of time. When Laura was younger, she competed a lot; resulting in top 10 for Open Mic UK 2014, Top 20 Girls finalist on the 2015 series of the X Factor. She performed at Wembley Arena in London in July 2018 – (singing her original song (Livin’ Again) and received a standing ovation from the crowd! In November 2018 she was flown to Munich, Germany with her band, alongside successful artist JP Cooper to represent the UK in Project Aloft Star 2018. However, since then, she spent time studying song writing and performance allowing her to work on her craft and then graduating UWS Commercial Music in June 2019. It’s fair to say she’s perfected her craft and came back with a beautiful soulful EP!

The four track EP mixes between both pop and soul with Laura’s stunning vocals shining throughout. Laura has produced a beautiful EP with clear passion flowing throughout it. The opening track ‘You’ is a song written by Laura when she thought she found the ‘one’ it starts off with a slow piano melody combining Laura’s stunning voice and works into combining her full band while having a catchy chorus where her sister Claire comes in providing stunning harmonies like no other!

The next song ‘Proud’ flows in elegantly from the previous track ‘You’. The song was written from the viewpoint of someone that had passed away looking down on their loved ones sending a positive message down. This track truly shows not only the outstanding song writing skills from Laura but the incredible range that her voice has! This track will definitely relate to so many people and help them get through difficult times when missing someone no longer here. ‘Proud’ shows the elegant musicianship of Laura’s band incorporating the perfect guitar style, punchy drum beats and Claire providing perfect harmonies pushing the track to stand out massively.

‘Daughter’ is the next track of the EP and it’s one of the hardest, heart-wrenching songs Laura Murray has written to date. It was inspired by her friend Eilish Herron who sadly passed away in 2016 and is written from the perspective of her inspirational mother Shanneal Herron. You can hear the heartache and passion throughout the song. It highlights the maturity and elegance of Laura’s song writing skills and anyone listening to the song will feel the strong emotions that runs throughout the track.

The EP then finishes on ‘Livin’ Again’! It inspired by one of Laura’s close friends and their experience of cancer survival. It is one of the more upbeat tracks on the EP and closes the EP in a brilliant way. ‘Memories’ is a clear collective of Laura Murray’s best work and showcases just how talented she is!

Previously, Laura Murray has collaborated with Dj ‘Fullife’. They released ‘Broken Heart’ in June 2019 that is currently sitting on 630,800 streams and was featured on playlists such as top 50 in Germany on Spotify alone with later releasing ‘Problems’ that has currently reached 452,200 streams on Spotify.

I can’t wait to see what Laura Murray does next! Keep up to date with her social media for future announcements.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LauraMurrayMusic

Instagram: @lauramurrayuk

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