Single Review: Allan Purvis – Moet

By Chelsea Ness

Glaswegian singer songwriter, Allan Purvis is without a doubt ‘one to watch’ this year after the successful release of his latest single, ‘Moet’. With it’s breezy feel-good acoustics and dreamy lyrics, it’s the perfect track to play whilst having a few beers with your pals on a nice sunny day.

It’s a song I’ve been excited to write about for a while now. As soon as I heard it, I was utterly gripped. The type of track that creates an additive feel where one play certainly isn’t enough. The catchy chords and punchy drum beat creates this radiant melody which blends beautifully with the lyrics that focus on escaping the harsh realities of life with a cheap bottle of moet!

Although it’s a happy melody, the opening lyrics suggest about getting away: ‘Maybe I should get away for today cause all the people round here make it abundantly clear, I’d be better off in outer space.’ That feeling you get when you just want to escape everyday life, a feeling I’m sure everyone listening has related to at one stage. The lyrics suggest a ‘fuck it, I need a drink’ approach springs to mind which fits in perfect with the song title. What better way to lift your mood by escaping home-life for the day with some sun and alcohol, which can be seen from Allan’s lyrics: ‘Maybe I should get away for today, anywhere will do fine with some sunshine and a bottle of the country’s shittest moet.’ There’s something about those lyrics that just have this feel-good aspect about the situation – all his worries are put to the side and everything is going to be okay, this is demonstrated through the track’s uplifting and relaxing tempo.

The more I listen to the track, the more I can picture Moet being played on a main stage at a festival. It’s just got this easy sing-song feel to it that just sucks listeners in and does not let them go! Think Blossoms’ My Favourite Room meets Catfish and The Bottlemen’s Hourglass. The same emotion that grips both those modern age classics is also displayed within Moet. It’s a stripped back anthem that crowds will utterly adore and being able to master a track like that at such an early stage in his career just goes to show the potential that Allan Purvis has, not only in Scotland but within the rest of the UK’s music scene.

Music is all about making listeners feel something wither it’s love, heartbreak, sadness, happiness, excitement or all of the above, it can be so difficult to grasp yet Allan does it incredibly well showing the ability in his songwriting skills. I’ll be honest Moet was the first time Iistening to Allan’s music but what a great first impression and I cannot wait to see what he has in store for us with future releases!

If you are yet to experience the masterpiece that is Moet, then what are you waiting for?! Get it played pronto… it’s already one of my top tracks on Spotify and I’m sure it will be one of yours too after the first listen!


Facebook: Allan Purvis Music

Twitter: @_AllanPurvis

Instagram: @allanpurvis_

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