Introducing Post Punk Two Piece T-A

Now that pubs are back open again , I’ve been able to get out and about to chat with a few local musicians , I was lucky enough to catch up over a couple of pints and a few pots of tea , with Sean Sneddon and Ben Curling , otherwise known as post punk new comers T-A , before the release of their debut EP “001” on Friday.

Who Are T-A? 

Sean : We are a post punk two piece who came together from other failed projects . We always knew we wanted to work together despite not getting on at first until we initially bonded over Ben teaching me how to play harmonica. 

What was the creative process behind the EP? 

Ben : Sean had all the lyrics at the first , we had a few days of bouncing ideas about in a local studio to find our sound. I feel like we have such a good musical chemistry – we’re not two friends that make music together – we’re two guys that make music that want to be friends.



You worked with Magnus Collie at the fairly iconic Substation Studios in Rosyth what was that like? What was the process like? 

Sean: We knew we always wanted to work with Magnus 

Ben: It grew so much in the studio  , Magnus embraced us so much – we went in to the studio with two and a half songs and left with a full EP – its like he fully embraced the uncertainty!

Whats Next For T-A? 

Sean: We’ve got the studio booked in October , and like every other band it feels like we’ve been writing non stop. We really want to  gig as soon as we can and show people theres more than just the record. 

We really want to get a proper show together.

listen to the leading single Far Away from their EP 001 here:

Follow and find the band here:

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