Meet the Bands – Static Union

To celebrate the release of their debut self-titled album, here is an introduction to one of Scotland’s most exciting up and coming indie-rock bands, Static Union.

Who? Four-piece band from Glasgow’s South Side. Static Union was formed after two of the members met in a pub in rural Ireland in 2014.

Genre? Indie-rock

For Fans Of: The Killers, Radiohead, Interpol, The War On Drugs

The Music Files Favourite Track:  Wonderful Stay

Why Are We Diggin Them? Static Union have presented a collection of innovate and memorable tracks throughout the entirety of this album. Each track presents a clear sonic and lyrical narrative that evokes emotion in the listener. The tracks encourage us to reflect upon both our positive, and negative, personal history and memories in the way that frontman and songwriter Sean McGarvey does so organically within his lyrics. The album also promises some fantastic, energy-filled live performances from Static Union in the future.

The Music Files Favourite Lyrics: “Holding hands at the alter/now he’s in a better place/thank you for your wonderful stay”

Career As Told By The Band: “As a band we have been writing and recording for 4 years now and we felt that we had a group of songs that felt coherent and strong as a collective to put together into an album. Lyrically, the personal songs are borne out of my own insecurities which I often find hard to speak about in person so in a way writing has always been the medium for me to express those feelings. For instance, tracks like Can I Be Loved? and New Found Way convey internal feelings which I felt that I had to express in some way during the period of writing those songs. Since we first formed, we have been building up our catalogue of songs and we have always thrived to put out an album in which we feel strongly about every track and I feel like we have done just that.” – Sean McGarvey

What was the creative process behind the new album? “We really enjoyed being in the studio and also getting to work with various different producers and engineers who all brought their own unique ideas to the process. It also gave us the opportunity to experiment with different sounds and hear the tracks more vividly. I found that in the studio, I had lots of different new ideas for certain tracks that I probably would not have thought of when in the rehearsal room or initially writing the tracks, so I think being in the studio certainly opens up new layers of creativity. Paul McInally from 45 A Side Recordings had lots of great ideas as well for the tracks we recorded there, especially rhythmically, and it was great having another ear and innovative ideas for the tracks to evolve in the studio.” – SM

What’s In Store For The Future? “We would love to play some shows to support the album once it is safe to do so. Now that our audience will be familiar with the album tracks as well as the singles it’ll be great to play them to a crowd. I have been writing and recording new ideas and tracks at home, so I am very keen to further develop them and get back into the rehearsal room.” – SM

Keep up with Static Union via their socials!

Facebook – @StaticUnionOfficial

Twitter – @_static_union

Instagram – @_static_union

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