Album Review | Beta Waves | EP1

Dale Easson and Harry Crossan of Dundee duet Beta Waves have been extremely busy this year following the release of their debut record EP1.

The new release consists of five tracks which allude to an overall brilliant sounding piece of work, with each track adding to the overall final sound of the EP. The synth heavy singles create a fuzzy indie rock sounding vibe while maintaining the bands electronic dance sound.

Tracks like ‘UDH2’ and ‘I Had You Wrong,’ are intwined with electric drums and synth melodies that allow the quirky electronic sounds to be created. These fascinating musical harmonies are accompanied by contrasting relatively light sounding vocals that effectively compliment the tune of the track.

EP1 shows great promise regarding future releases from the band as it already illustrates how creative these guys can be in such a short space of time.

Both Easson and Crossan were both members of a jazz style influenced band before forming Beta Waves in 2018, this showing the musical versatility of the two artists. Their new album shows just how far they have come musically in such a short space of time.

If any track could summarise the Beta Waves vibe it would be ‘Ad Lib.’ This song is again synth heavy, with staccato drums that create a funky sounding beat that adds to the overall vibe of the band. Tracks also feature synth keys that create that Tame Impala sounding aura that makes you want to get up and dance.

Beta Waves have smashed it with their new release, the new tracks show the sheer talent of both individuals as well as illustrating their ability to change it up.


Twitter – @betawavesband

Instagram – @beta.waves

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