Single Review: Mute The TV – Only The Good Times Matter

Mute The TV is the project of Crampton brothers, Dylan and Elliot, from County Wicklow in Ireland. Although the town of Greystones might not be exactly where your mind wanders in pursuit of a sun soaked break, perhaps the sea air has blown in some summer influences from further afield than the Irish Sea.

Via Mute The TV

The track opens with a Graham Coxon-esque acoustic guitar line that is reminiscent of ‘Coffee and TV’ by Blur, which is fitting considering the lyrical content of both songs. A sense of monotony in day to day life is put alongside the somewhat more cheery guitar and synth driven musical motifs which perfectly captures the idea of the song – trying to maintain a positive mindset whilst drained by routine. The lads have said that the song is dedicated to someone close to them who’s working a terrible job and needs some convincing to keep their head up – a pretty universal sentiment!

If we’re ever allowed to do something so outrageous again, the percussive backbeat and 60’s style vocal melodies of the chorus will be perfect to bounce along to at a festival. It is evocative of some singles from The VaccinesCome of Age album as well as the likes of Vistas and The Academic. A particular highlight comes after dropping to the bare bones of bass and vocal with more tightly wound 60s harmonies. We are then threaded back into the chorus with an angry neighbours proclamation of ‘Jesus, Mary, merciful Christ’ alongside a swelling synth resembling Australian indie band, Ball Park Music. I found myself wondering if ‘Christy on the stereo’ was referring to Moore of sweaty Irish folk fame or Dignam of Crazy World Aslan fame. Of course, it’s probably neither.

Via Mute The TV

If you’d like to hear more you can catch Mute The TV at the links below. 

Article by Fearghal McMahon

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