Single Review: Out of the Swim – Through the Floors of a Starry Night (feat. Adam Stafford)

Falkirk/Glasgow four-piece Out of the Swim are gearing up release their upcoming collaborative EP The University of Skinflats. ‘Through the Floors of a Starry Night’ is the launch single and it will be released at the end of this month, alongside the full EP.

The track is a collaboration with renowned musician Adam Stafford, and the fusion of Safford’s talents with Out of the Swim’s captivating song writing skills is something truly special to witness

‘Through the Floors of a Starry Night’ is composed of prominent piano and rich, passionate vocals which flow alongside steady drumming and bass. These instruments successfully work together to tightly hold the melody, and soon build into a beautiful and gripping crescendo. However, following on from this wave of sound, we are left with a sparse ending of haunting cello (from musician Susan Applebe) and piano, as well as repeating reverberation.  

This conclusion reflects the feeling of tension and sadness that we witness throughout the entirety of the song. This is conveyed through sharp piano riffs and tense drumming, the power of which implies a sense of anger and frustration. However, the true sentiment of the track can be found within the hard-hitting yet exceptionally well-written lyrics, which speak of conflicting emotions and unsettling experiences.

The quality of this song suggests that The University of Skinflats will feature some exceptional music from Out of the Swim that we will return to time and again, just as I have done with this track since my first listen.

Both Through the Floors of a Starry Night and The University of Skinflats will be released on the 31st of July.

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