SINGLE REVIEW: White Novels – ‘There’s No Happiness’

By Jay Roberts

‘White Novels’ – a new project masterminded by multi-instrumentalist Jack Bestow – have released their poignant and immersive new single ‘There’s No Happiness’. This new hotly anticipated single comes after the band released their debut single ‘On The Bottle’, which attracted some rave reviews at the start of June.

‘There’s No Happiness’ is a dreamy ballad which prominently highlights the lack of social care and responsibility people have adopted in light of the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. The track prompts and reminds us to really look out for one another with the chorus line repeating the question “Where did all the people go?”

The track starts with a repeating piano riff, a soft drum beat and the light strum of an acoustic guitar which gives the tune an overall dark pop vibe. The powerful vocals are a fitting match to the tone of the track, especially the atmosphere that they create paired with the heavily reverbed lead guitar in the very back. I can definitely say I’m a big fan of the instrumentation in this track. It’s euphonious, it feels on every level that the music matches the meaning of the lyrics and gets you to a state of mind, to enable you to process a lot of emotions that have been building through lockdown and since the start of the pandemic.

Not only is this ballad a meaningful song though. The effort that has went into all aspects is tremendous, as all the songwriting, instrumental and vocal parts, the recording, the production and all of the marketing has been tasked solely to the man behind it all: Jack Bestow. To have done this all from a bedroom, it makes sense to see why ‘White Novels’ have been tipped to watch out for in the coming months and for sure I can’t wait to see what they do next.


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