Single Review: Psydove – Gimme Some Saké

by Emily Duff

Psydove are a duo hailing from Newcastle and producing a blend of stoner and kind-of psychedelic music. Psydove follow on with their latest release of Gimme Some Saké after their debut single Wakey Wakey. Both tracks came out in 2020 and are equally as mellow and relaxing. 

Made up of Steve Ziolkowski from Mr.Comfortable and Xanthe Polaine from Goodsprings, the pair are going out of their usual realms with Psydove. While Mr.Comfortable is, ironically, comfortable with a slower tempo, Goodsprings are renowned for their jazz rhythms – often incorporating saxophone into their tunes which is a huge contrast to the mellowness of Psydove’s work.

Opening with a chilled out guitar riff and light bells, the track almost resembles the music you hear at the beginning of that yoga class you once went to. This rhythm then gradually embeds into vocals and a drum beat, making the tune immediately relaxing. Gimme Some Saké is the perfect chill-out tune to play whilst you burn some incense and have a daydream – or try and do yoga at home. The band takes on a chilled out beat paired with soft, almost whispery, vocals throughout the track.

Gimme Some Saké is available on Spotify now so go run a bath and give it a listen.


Insta: @psydovelove



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Emily is a Journalist and PR Assistant from Newcastle who is currently studying English Literature at the University of Sheffield. She is also the owner and producer of her magazine, Darling, Lifestyle Editor for Forge Press and Marketing Lead for Liberty Belle Magazine.

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