Single Review: Mt. Doubt – Dark Slopes Away

Mt. Doubt – one of my favourite bands on the Scottish music scene at the moment – are gearing up to release their third studio album Doubtlands in September of this year.

The first single to be released from the album is Dark Slopes Away. The track is available to pre-save on various streaming sites, such as Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal, in order to receive first access on its release date of the 17th of July.

Over the last five years, Mt. Doubt has served as a creative outlet for songwriter Leo R. Bargery to share his talent. Dark Slopes Away is no exception to this. Bargery showcases his ability to write poetic and engaging lyrics, which require a careful ear and concentration to unpack and fully appreciate.  

We are thrown into heavy drumming as the track begins, and this is soon accompanied by light, repeating synth notes. The contrast between the overpowering strength of the drumming, and the fragility of these notes, mirrors the light and dark of the naturalistic landscape which Bargery describes in his lyrics.  

The lyrical imagery becomes all the more vivid throughout the track and, in true Mt. Doubt style, the musical accompaniment works to successfully heighten the sentiment of the song.

Dark Slopes Away promises great things from Mt. Doubt’s upcoming album, and I for one cannot wait to hear what else the band has to offer.

You can pre-save the single here –

Facebook – @MtDoubt

Twitter – @MtDoubt

Instagram – @mt.doubt

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