An Interview with TIËRNY

This week, we caught up with contemporary alt-pop princess, TIËRNY to discuss her how songwriting process, the Liverpool music scene and of course the release of her latest single, I’ll Wait. Find out everything you need to know below…

1. How did you discover your love for music?

When I was young I wanted to be an actress, and I went to drama school, but I always had an affinity with music. I took piano lessons when I was a kid and I write a lot of poetry. It was more of an organic experience, It’s a culmination of my influences and passions, how I express myself. It’s my darkest desires, the questions I ask myself when I’m alone at night, the things I should have said, The things I didn’t. It’s a documentation of my life presented in sonic form. 

2. How would you describe your sound to new listeners?

Classical orchestral elements fused with synths and electronic beats. I like to mix the modern and the contemporary. I’m immensely inspired by the baroque era, and the themes of religion, truth, beauty and love are very prevalent throughout my music and visuals. People were always saying how unique the sound was and were questioning the genre, I felt like I didn’t really fit into left field pop exclusively and so Baroquetronica was born. 

3. Do you have a particular place you go to write music?

I don’t have a specific place I go and write, most of the time inspiration strikes me when I’m going to sleep!! My phone is full of notes and voice memos that I try to make sense of in the morning. I’m fortunate enough to live next to a beautiful park with gardens and I often go there to sit and read poetry so you could call it a creative ritual.

4. You have recently released your latest single, ‘I’ll Wait’ – what was the influence behind the lyrics? Was there a particular message or meaning you wanted the song to represent?

All of my songs are about me coming to terms with myself in one way or another. I wanted to reflect the duality and irony of hate\love and that fine line you tread when in an all-consuming relationship. I was losing the person in question and felt powerless to stop it.. This was my way of trying to reconcile with one final declaration of love. It was me saying I’m still here if you ever change your mind. It also serves as an awakening to new possibilities, and as a reminder that we can grow through our pain. it’s a sad banger, heartbreak you can dance to. Lyrically I was reading a lot of William Blake and Love letters of Great Men which I reference in the song. 

5. How would you describe Liverpool’s music scene and are there any bands / musicians you recommend us checking out?

In Liverpool there’s such a variety of talent and creativity there’s something for everyone, There’s a lot of diversity and the people here are very forward thinking. It’s quite a unique city. Things are done a little differently here and it feels like home to me.

+ Artists to check out+


6. How have you been staying productive during lockdown?

I’ve found the lockdown has allowed me to really focus, evaluate and find gratitude. I’ve been reading a lot and writing a lot. I’ve just finished ‘Tell me the truth about life’ which is a collection of poems curated by Cerys Matthews (BBC Radio 6) I’m dabbling with photoshop, creating artwork and little collages and brushing up on my logic skills.

7. What’s been the most memorable gig for you so far and why?

I supported Stealing Sheep at the end of last year, They’re phenomenal beautiful humans and a huge influence. I met them at a mentorship scheme I was part of and we had a lot of common influences and creative interests. It was a natural fit and a really special moment in my life. I felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

8. What are your future plans when the lockdown eases and gigs go back to normal?

I’m hoping to collaborate with an art gallery, and I’m working on new music. The sound is more avant-garde and futuristic. I call it cyber pop. I’m looking to start branching out and gigging across the UK once all this is over, hopefully get Some tour support and festivals, and share my music with as many people as possible, I miss performing so much!!!  It’s such a beautiful tangible experience. I’m releasing my debut EP – REVELATIONS later in the year which I’m so excited about. I’m just going to keep creating, whatever form that may take and see what the future holds.



INSTAGRAM: @Iamtiernyb

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