Single Review: Tony Goff and The Broken Colours – Rearrange

By Ryan McConnell

Bringing the funk and feel good factor is the brilliant Tony Goff and the Broken Colours with their latest single, Rearrange. The quartet – hailing from High Wycombe – offer up a joyful sounding instrumental filled with catchy guitar hooks, trumpets and a steady beat throughout which all work harmoniously in giving this track its groove. Add all that to the impressive vocals and range of front man Tony and here you have a song that will have any room of people – fan or first time listener – swaying and willing to sing-a-long.

Quoting on his Instagram page that the track meant a lot to him on a personal level, I’m sure the man himself will take pride in the fact that the message in the song will undoubtedly resonate with everyone who listens to it. Tackling the ordeals of the mundane and repetitiveness of every day life, the track offers a beacon of hope to those of us who may need a pick-me-up and push in the right direction of making a change.

“Sometimes, you have to take a leap of faith.. Do what scares you, baby don’t ever hesitate..” are the words preached by Mr. Tony Goff .

Got some ‘Virtual Insanity’ (Jamiroquai) vibes going along with it. Have a listen below and see if you agree..

TWITTER: @tonygoffmusic

INSTAGRAM: @tonygoffmusic

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